Department of General Linguistics – Taras Zakharko


Taras Zakharko

I am a PhD student in a research project "Towards a corpus-based typology of clause linkage" led by Balthasar Bickel. The aim of my PhD is to develop and test a methodological framework for identifying, classifying and studying patterns attributed to clause linkage phenomena in annotated language corpora.

My primary research interest is how mathematical methods can be applied to linguistics and its theories. In particular, I am interested in corpus linguistics, language universals, probabilistic grammar theory, modeling of language diachrony/synchrony, and language acquisition.

In addition, I develop software tools for corpus linguistics and linguistic data analysis. I created ToolboxSearch, an extension package for R which contains a powerful corpus query tool for Toolbox corpora (development version available at Bitbucket).


2011- PhD student at the University of Zurich
2006-2011 Research assistant at the University of Leipzig
2009 Master's degree at the University of Leipzig (Magister Artium)
2004-2009 Study of linguistics, mathematics and computer science at the University of Leipzig